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Can No Longer Open List in Spreadsheet

  Asked By: Jill    Date: Oct 31    Category: MOSS    Views: 990

Don't know when it happened but we just started getting the following when
trying to open a list and Edit in Datasheet:

The list is displayed in Standard view. It cannot be displayed in Datasheet
view for one or more of the following reasons: A datasheet component
compatible with Windows SharePoint Services is not installed, your browser
does not support ActiveX controls, or support for ActiveX controls is

I have searched but everything taks about ActiveX being enabled but it is.
Any ideas???



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Eliza Hutchinson     Answered On: Oct 31

If you are not using internet explorer as your browser, edit  in
datasheet view  is unavailable. This is an IE-only feature, alas.

Answer #2    Answered By: Lesley Tate     Answered On: Oct 31

We're running a mixed environment (Office 2003 and MOSS 2007) and have
had this happen a number of times, usually after one of two things has
happened: the user has recently installed  a 2007 product (such as
SharePoint Designer), or the user has recently installed a client-side
security patch for Office. In both cases, an Office repair usually does
the trick. There are some blogs out there (sorry I don't have links)
that address variations on the theme....I recall it had something to do
with DLL incompatibilities.

Answer #3    Answered By: Chris Daniel     Answered On: Oct 31

Not sure this helps, but SharePoint 2007 actually switched to an Access
component for the datasheet  view instead of Excel. Has Access 2007
been recently installed  or uninstalled on the machine? Also check the
add-ins in IE. There should be one for Access if Access isn't actually
installed on the box.

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