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No logon prompt when trying to change security from remote/client

  Asked By: Christina    Date: Feb 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1030

we have a terrible problem which did not solve itself after making SPS
totally anew (fresh install, noch backup but redesigning everything from
scratch). When I try to change security settings from a remote/ client
computer i normally got a prompt which told me to enter my useraccount,
password and the domain name so i get access to every domain I wanted to.
Now I am propted with the local account/domain settings of the SPS computer
and I cannot change into other domains which possible from the sps server

Has anyone got a clue. this is a mess because we have to logon the
SPScomputer to make the simplest usersettings.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Siobhan Waller     Answered On: Feb 09

We had serious headaches over this...
Make sure you have the client components installed;
Set security  permissions for the files - if just one file is not permitted
it will screw up;
Set your client machines to use the browser network password  at logon;
Make sure you are coordinator level.

Providing you are within the domain  or have a trust relationship with the
server from one domain to the other you should be OK.

We also used API token generation/ impersonation protocols and this will
work too although you still have to set the browser to allow authentication
through the windows logon  (see the security settings  in explorer).

if the above is no use - give me more details - we have set up two
independent transparent logons from windows to sps  and from a web site to