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Newbie Navigation Wizards

  Asked By: Sekhar    Date: Feb 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 912

Has anyone run across a similar problem:

We're getting ready to roll out a SharePoint Publishing site all across
campus 99% of our 100+ contributors have never heard of SharePoint.

Our big concern is to minimize the amount of training needed. Users are
accustomed to navigating to a front portal page that has common tasks
detailed and hyperlinked. From there they may have a file manager or a
page editor.

Sharepoint is a little different of course because you navigate directly
to the page and choose an action to perform on that page.

#1) How do we make it obvious to a user where the page actions are
without making it an eyesore to the public's published view. (Our
communications department is opposed to having a sign-in button on every

#2) Has someone already developed a set of "Wizard Pages" to make
available to newbie users who don't want to hunt down functions in "Site
Actions" or "Site Settings"

In my opinion, it is fairly obvious where to go and "Create Page" but
once that page appears our test users are having difficulty knowing what
to put in the "Title" "Description" etc fields (also obvious in my
opinion). I've been asked to change this page.

#3) How do I customize and brand this page? (Where is the page located?
Can I use SharePoint Designer? How do I associate the content type that
creates a web publishing page of the same type made by CreatePage.aspx?
Can I customize the SiteActions page to go to my custom page instead of
the Microsoft standard "Create Page"?)

#4) Can I change the text of "Site Actions" to "Start Here?"

#5) Does anybody have some good examples how something similar to this
has been done?



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