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NameSpaces - many questions

  Asked By: Gino    Date: Feb 20    Category: MOSS    Views: 1010

Background: on a MOSS site we have some 3rd party WPs and are trying
to produce some metrics that are EASY in Excel but hard in SP. To
this end I am exploring XSLT & connecting and transforming lists. I
am limited to SPD and text editors.

I've read & studied the W3..org stuff and TOPXML. I think I
understand the basics of NameSpaces. But when I print out examples
of WP or linked sources into a DVWP or 3rd party WP or some of Paul
Galvin's excellant blogs, I get CONFUSED as HELL.

Why do all of these have SO MANY namespaces that don't seem to be
used? I search with text editor and know they are not referenced. Am
I missing something conceptually?

Why are some of the namespaces specified several times in one

Why have "exclude-result-prefixes" and then turn-a-round and define
them anyway?

The tutorials on W3 and TopXML don't seem to address current
practices in stylesheet examples that I find in SP with SPD. Are
there better tutorials?

Is there a better forum to deal with this Q?



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