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Named Pipes

  Asked By: Carolyn    Date: Feb 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2606

I can only get SharePoint to work over named pipes.

From what I understand this requires TCP ports 1433 (ms-sql-s) 135
(e-pmap), and:

[TCP 445 (microsoft-ds), or UDP 137-139]

It also requires me to set up the farm using fullyqualified\instance as
the server name.

How do I get SharePoint to work over TCP/IP instead?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Adrienne Greene     Answered On: Feb 16

I assume you're talking about SQL Server, not
Sharepoint. You should be able to go into the Server
properties and make the change there.

Answer #2    Answered By: Joshuah Huber     Answered On: Feb 16

I think I mean sharepoint's connection to SQL Server.

I once created a new farm to the default instance of SQLServer

It worked great, and then we created a load balanced cluster of database
servers. The loadbalancing location was SQLServer "NEWSERVERNAME" Our other
enterprise applications could connect to it over TCP/IP by just specifying
“NEWSERVERNAME” I tried multiple times to install a new sharepoint  farm
using “NEWSERVERNAME” for the SQL Server Instance. It would create the Farm
Config database, and begin to create the SharePointAdminContent database. But
then it would try to reconnect to the SharePointAdminContent database and it
would fail. I finally got it to work  by using NEWSERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME.

We wondered if it was because clustering required an instance name. For reasons
known to our DB, and not me, the environment didn’t really have a concept of a
default instance. It made sense to me that an enterprise configuration like
sharepoint would want the farm instance specifically identified.

Well it seems that NEWSERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME always uses named  pipes instead of
standard TCP, and it is the only way I can create a new farm on this database
server cluster. (does anyone know why this would be?) I concluded from this that
Sharepoint needs named pipes to function.

I can connect to the NEWSERVERNAME:FARM_CONFIG_DB over TCP/IP, and attach new
WFE to the farm, but they won’t work because of all the references to
NEWSERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME, and named pipes aren’t working since the WFE's
are in a different subnet from the DB.

1) Perhaps there is a problem with the database. We’re getting ready to
test that. I’m going to put the old SQL Server in a new subnet (which should
block named pipes from my WFEs). It would be a protocol configuration problem,
not a security problem, because the same instance using the same credentials
works over named pipes, but not over TCP/IP.

2) Though I know it is not reccommended, I would like to see if I can route
and open firewall rules to allow named pipes between the subnets

3) I might eventually just have to make sure the database and the WFE are
in the same subnet. I know network ops would not like this at all. Apart from
the problem that I’m having, is there good argument to justify making sure
they are in the same subnet?

Answer #3    Answered By: Ciara Collier     Answered On: Feb 16

That wasn't it at all.

It wasn't using named  pipes.

OLDSERVER had the default instance name of MSSQLSERVER and the default port of

NEWSERVER because it was clustered, couldn’t have a default instance since it
was balancing three separate instances on three IP Addresses all together.

The port we set to 1433, but SQL still needed port 1434 to do the port discovery
since NEWSERVER\NEWSERVER was a named instance.

I opened the firewall to 1434 and everything works like a charm.

Named Pipes will forever remain a mystery to me I guess J I’m glad I don’t
have to use it.

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