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MySites quota revisited..

  Asked By: Ronald    Date: Jul 21    Category: MOSS    Views: 2793

I want the ability to set an individual's file storage quota for My
Sites. From all I have searched and read, this cannot be done in
SharePoint 2007. I had hoped that I could use a 'stsadmin -quota'
command in some configuration to individually target a MySite to use a
larger capacity quota template. Seems like you can use the -quota
option when creatig a new site collection, not modifying one. In
addition, I believe the MySites all fall under a single collection so
they have to use the same quota template. Am I missing anything here?

Anyway, the only practical solution I can think of is to create a
second MySite application that uses a large capacity quota template.
Then I would configure our 'high storage capacity' users to use the
large quota MySite. I know I could try to convince them to consider
using a teamsite instead but....

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Maybe a future release of
SharePoint will provide more flexability.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Freddy Heath     Answered On: Jul 21

You can set  the quota  from Central Administration, Application
Management, Site Quotas and Locks, choose the My Site Web App, select
the site collection (don't get fooled by this screen, it is the SITE
COLLECTION, not a Web App), choose individual quota at the bottom, and
set the quota on a site-by-site basis.

Answer #2    Answered By: Joanna Dixon     Answered On: Jul 21

Each MySite is actually in its own SiteCollection. When you setup an
SSP you normally point the SSP at a SiteCollection that is in the root
managed Path of a WebApp to designate the MySite location. That
Sitecollection is actually just the Sitecollection where you can set
defaults that will be used when users create their own MySite
SiteCollections. Each user's MySite Sitecollection will be normally
located on the /personal/ managed path with a name equal to their
username. As Ben said in another post you can assign a default quota  to
the MySite default in the Root managed path, but you can also override
an individual Mysite quota by accessing the SiteCollection from Central
Admin as Ben describes. The URL would be

Answer #3    Answered By: Justine Barrera     Answered On: Jul 21

Thanks for the clarification on this.

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