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MySites Question - Everything still pointing at old development

  Asked By: Jered    Date: Feb 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 927

Originally I had mysites set up with just a user name. However, just
before we went live, our company was purchased. So I added the
Domain_username requirement to site creation. I was having problems
with it initially but then realized I needed to add the "personal"
managed path. I had completely deleted all the content databases and
the web applications/site collections prior to recreating mysites.

Now, users can create them again, however, when they do a people
search, it is trying to pull images from the old format /personal/uid
instead of the new /personal/domain_uid

The link goes to a valid mysite with the updated pictures etc, but the
search returns with a red x for many of the people, even though they've
updated the image in shared pictures on their mysite.

Oddly enough, mine works now, but searches for other people in the
company and by other people in the company, exhibit this red x behavior.

Any thoughts? I've searched the registry and googled the life out of
this and can't find an answer.



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