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MySite Template does not display customwebpart by default even aftet

  Asked By: Javon    Date: Jan 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1109

I have a requirement to modify the Mysite Template. I followed the
same to change the template in onet.xml file. but still not success.

Acutally I wanted one webpart should be displayed in the public view
of mysite by defult when the mysite is created! I followed the
following steps:

The only thing I did want to clarify is how you go about modifying the
"My Site" template. This is a little "non-intuitive", mainly because
this is the only aspect of the portal that is actually controlled by
two templates:

My Site Homepage

My Site Team Site

So what's the difference between these two templates?

SPSMSITE – This is just like any other SPS Portal Area and it is from
here that both the "Private" and "Public" views of a "My Site" is
rendered. Your "My Site" view is nothing more that just a personalised
view of an area, much like you can enable on any area of the Portal if
you like (Hmmm...idea for another post!). This explains why you can
modify the layout of the "My Site" page for all users by accessing the
page as an administrator and modifying the "Shared View". When you
look in the template directory you will see Default.aspx (this is your
private view) and Public.aspx (Your private view).

SPSPERS – This template is all about provisioning the "Team site" that
sits behind your "My Site". The one behind SPSMSITE couldn't be used
as that would mean one team site would be shared by everyone, this
approach is used so that everyone has their own individual team site.

To summarise.
- If you want to modify the Public/Private pages in "My Site" use the
SPSMSITE template, changes to the ONET.XML file will have no effect
because noone ever gets to team site it creates (it's hidden, and no I
dont know how you might access it, never really looked into it, let me
know if you find a way).
- If you want to change what lists, and the properties of those lists,
for you "My Site" site then modify the ONET.XML file in SPSPERS (note
this is at your own risk, review supportability constraints in the
SDK) modifying the default.aspx page in this template has no effect as
it is "hidden".



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