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Mysite MyInbox webpart - 'premium' web access has no new mail toolbar

  Asked By: Colin    Date: Aug 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1772

I wonder if anyone can answer this question. Adding the My Inbox
webpart to a MySite (we are using SPS2003 and WSS v2 btw), when we log
on with Premium Access there is no toolbar or buttons that allow us to
create a new email or delete etc. Yet logging on with Basic access
shows us all these options. With premium access we can only reply to
existing emails, not create blank ones.

I have checked out a MS technet doc that talks about integrating
Outlook 2003 with Sharepoint and they show diagrams of both premium
and basic access in there and on their example there is no toolbar on
premium either (but there is with basic). Did Microsoft just decide
that premium users didn't need a toolbar? I have looked around for
solutions but can't find anyone with the same problem.

All in all we are having a hard time working out how to integrate
Outlook and Sharepoint for our off-site users. None of the OOTB
options for MySite seem to give us the functionality we want. We are
thinking now that we may just have a link on everyones MySite that
opens the full web access client in another browser window. Would be
interested to hear what others think of this.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Peter Peterson     Answered On: Aug 29

Note sure what you mean by Premium vs Basic. Do you mean Integrated vs
Basic Authentication?

Check out my most recent blog posts regarding an alternative to the out
of the box OWA Web Parts:

Answer #2    Answered By: Renee Murray     Answered On: Aug 29

Actually the 'premium' and 'basic' I refer to are actually types of
Outlook web  client. The reason I am asking about this on a Sharepoint
group (before people starting sending me bad karma over the web) is
that when choosing between the 2 in the My Inbox webpart  the premium
version (that supposedly offers 'all Outlook Web access  features')
does not allow you to create  a new email  or delete  old ones etc. The
basic one does. It basically seems like the premium  web access in My
Inbox web part is stripped of the toolbar. I just wondered if anyone
else had
come across this.

On technet there is a article about integrating outlook into
and the images they use demonstrate exactly what I mean.