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Multiple Calendars using a single data source

  Asked By: Brennan    Date: Dec 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 2102

I am creating a very specific calendar for the healthcare industry
which requires a single updated data source, but multiple calendars
to pull from it. I am running on 3.0 '07, sql 2005, and using the
sharepoint designer to interact with the portions of the site which
need special attention.

Here are a few of the challenges I am currently overcoming, which i
would gladly welcome any advice on.

1.) I created a Sharepoint Site, which is meant to be used as a
Calendar, updated by one, viewed by many. They (the Healthcare Org),
want me to restrict the "views" to specific individuals and only
allow group A. to see Calendar A, perhaps B and maybe C, but Group B.
can only see Calendar B.(well I think you get the gist of it). There
are hundreds of Active Directory Entries, which have been imported
into the site, and are being classified as we speak.

2.) Upon login, determine the "Default View" and possible "other
Views", for the logged in individual, and keep them out of the other
calendars where sensitive information might be stored.

3.) This is really for Scheduling of resources, (people), using
recurring events, exceptions, etc... The ability to create from a
template calendar I have gotten to, but how to get that calendar to
pull from a single data source, Preferrably the Main Calendar, is the

I had thought about having the data exported as an xml file, and then
imported/drawn from in each new calendar, but that hasnt been reached

I am really stuck here and am quickly running out of time, as I am
already over my deadline bu 3 months...



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jared Bell     Answered On: Dec 11

My suggestions:

1) Create groups (either AD security or SharePoint) for A, B, and C

2) Create all calendar  items in a single  list, and use item level
security to secure access to individual items as needed

3) Instead of having multiple  calendars, use a single one and let
the security trimming (or possible audience targeting to the groups
depending on your specific  requirements) determine what is displayed to
the users.

Answer #2    Answered By: Bernice Puckett     Answered On: Dec 11

I suppose I need to add a bit of clarity to what I have already done,
in order to possibly get some input on things, in order to finish
this project and get it off my plate.
The first of which is:
The Staff (invididuals inserted into the calendar  at specific  times),
is drawn from a 3rd party program called fundraiser. It's taken into
a csv and imported into sql  05. Specific information is pulled from
the tables/cells into sharepoint and inserted intot he calendar.

AD is also set up and used allowing the individuals to login to the
sharepoint. They are part of groups, although we have not yet
grouped them in AD or sharepoint as of yet.

When the user logs in, the client wants them to have a default view
of the calendar with very specific rights to other views, or not.

I have a single  calendar set up and have created the views which show
specific users, and catagories of of users, with a link to the
individual to edit the information beyond just whats shown in the
calendar such as time in - out, specialty.

Some users are supposed to be granted rights to see all the views,
and some users are supposed to have access to only one or two views,
and thats all they want them to be able to see on their individual
list of views.

All the data  is updated  in the fundraiser, so editing backwards is
not a part of this release.

The users/staff are entered into the calendar as events.

Perhaps this additional information will help get more input.

many Thanks in advance for any feedback, assistance, input, ideas,

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