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MSSDMN.EXE using 100% CPU

  Asked By: Bhairavi    Date: Nov 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 14932

My company was using sharepoint portal server
for the last one year.Although sharepoint portal is not a stable product
we are forced to use it.I have 6 workspaces in my server .Server
configuration is windows advanced server with 2GB Ram.Now the problem is
mssdmn.exe is taking 100% CPU and system is very slow.I have scheduled
incremental indexing during midnight . Most of the users are complaining
about the speed.one more thing is Mail merge is not working in SPS . I
have to copy the excel sheet outside for mail merging.Anybody tried this



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Answer #1    Answered By: Audra Mccormick     Answered On: Nov 06

What are the errors reported in the event viewer?
Put in the performance monitors in place.
I hope you are not scheduling msdm.exe during day time.

About mail  merge I have not tried...

Answer #2    Answered By: Christina Lewis     Answered On: Nov 06

There is no error in the event viewer.Incremental
indexing was scheduled during midnight .Now i removed indexing  but still
automatic indexing is taking  place." Put in the performance monitors in
place." I am not clear with this sentence.

Answer #3    Answered By: Meaghan Webster     Answered On: Nov 06

There are perfomane parameters associated with Sharepoint.
Use the performance monitor tool to apply these parameters.
You can find couple of articles on net.
msdmserv.EXE is SPS service.
Apply parameters on these services..

Answer #4    Answered By: Sunny Delacruz     Answered On: Nov 06

Look at this Support article:


Share Point Portal Server and Internet Information Services Processes
Take Up 100 Percent CPU

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