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MSDNMinimal Master Page and Report Center

  Asked By: Mariah    Date: May 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1784

I encountered something a little weird and I wanted to run
it past the masses for some thoughts.

In working on some branding using the MSDNMinimal Master Page.I came across an issue when using this master page and
creating a Report Center site.

When using the above and then going into the Report Center site I was
getting script errors. Walking through the displayed code I found
that for Publishing sites the following javascript files are used:
init.js, core.js, ie55up.js, EditingMenu.js and search.js. For the
Report Center site the following javascript files are used:
kpilro.js, core.js, ie55up.js, EditingMenu.js and search.js. Note
that the init.js file is missing for the Report Center.

I went into my custom master page and added the following line in the
<HEAD> section:
<SharePoint:ScriptLink language="javascript" name="init.js"
Defer="true" runat="server"/>

After adding the above, navigating to all the sites (Publishing and
Report Center) seems to work as it should: no scripting errors.

I guess my question is, is adding the line as I did above the right



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alexis Pearson     Answered On: May 17

I'll need to take a specific look at that site  definition, but yes your solution
is probably the correct one or at least a suitable one. If you take a look at
the source for the MSDNMinimal master  page you will note that MS specifies that
it doesn't contain everything required for use as a System master, merely as a
Site Master. (see msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa660698.aspx ). I modified the Minimal Master that we used to add some of the most
frequently missed Content placeholders so you could use it as a System master
also. However, there are often specific entries that might still be missing  in
certain circumstances. The one you found is evidently one of them.

I'll take a look at Report Center and see if I can pinpoint what might be
missing and how that .js is normally loaded into other master pages.

Answer #2    Answered By: Hugo Park     Answered On: May 17

Along those lines, is there such a thing as a Minimal Master Page for
System Master Pages?

Answer #3    Answered By: Sterling Allison     Answered On: May 17

Microsoft doesn't have a Minimal master  page for System masters, primarily
because they require different content placeholder tags etc for different site
definitions. Heather Solomon has a Base master page  available on her BLOG that
is suitable for using as a System Master page. You can download it from a link


However, to get back to the original problem reported. I'm not sure the master
page involved is the actual problem. I did some testing and was unable to get a
Report Center to work  on any site  collection where Publishing Infrastructure was
turned on After creation of the site collection. Clearly some necessary feature
is being automatically deployed by the Collaboration Portal or Publishing Portal
that isn't there in other circumstances. I'm still trying to identify what it
is, or how the INIT.js file  normally finds its way to the site collection.

Answer #4    Answered By: Jessie Burton     Answered On: May 17

I finished doing some testing this morning. And it appears that the problem
with Report center  is NOT a problem with the Minimal master  file you were using.

I found that if I created a Blank site  as the root of the site collection and
enabled Publishing Infrastructure and Publishing to turn it into a Publishing
site collection. Then created a Report Center subsite, the subsite would fail.
If I went back to the root of the Site collection and enabled two additional
Site collection features it would start working, no matter what the master page
was set to. The two required features that weren't started unless you created a
Collaboration or Publishing Portal were the Office SharePoint Server Standard
Site Collection features and Reporting features. Make sure both of those
features are started in the root of the site collection and try your original
master page  and I think you will find that it works.

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