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MRU trim routine

  Asked By: Rachelle    Date: Aug 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2994

Can anyone tell me what the MRU trim routine is, what it does, and is there a
way to change when it runs. I think it is a timer job but can not find much on
the web.

So if anyone can fill me in on this that would be greatly appreciated. Like I
said I understand from reading items off the web that it may be a timer job but
I need to understand it better and see if I can change when it runs.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Akshara Sanghavi     Answered On: Aug 25

Is there no one that has had to deal with this before or knows anything about

Answer #2    Answered By: Aishwarya Dixit     Answered On: Aug 25

Kind of a silly question. But if you have no idea what it does, why do you care
when it runs?

But in answer. I'm not completely sure what it does. However since it appears
to run when a system is running low on memory I suspect it is a routine to trim
the RAM used by SharePoint. Since it runs on demand there is no way to change
the scheduling of when it runs. At least thats what I conclude based on what
I've seen in SharePoint logs in the past.

Answer #3    Answered By: Indrajeet Patil     Answered On: Aug 25

AFAIK the MRU is the Most Recently Used lists that you find  in places like the
IE URL dropdown and the stuff that pops up in the Run dialog of recently
run/opened stuff.

See here:

Answer #4    Answered By: Xavier Hopkins     Answered On: Aug 25

Sorry, my security program is a bit over enthusiastic and has a tendency to put
posts from this list in Junk mail. I end up fishing them out regularly. Still
trying to get it tuned.

Most Recently Used is the most common meaning for the acronym MRU. But that
refers to a client workstation registry entry. This is a server side process.
I don't know of anywhere that SharePoint uses an MRU list on the server and
since I normally see this in log files when memory is low I suspect MRU in this
case stands from something like Memory Resources Utilized. Anyway, I don't
really know what its for. That's why I didn't reply the first time the message
was posted.

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