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Moving a portal from one environment -> shared services environment

  Asked By: Loren    Date: Jun 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 939

I have a SPS2003 portal in one farm and I need to move it to a different farm. The source farm does not employ shared services, but the target farm does. This specific site does not have any my sites, customized search scopes/groups/keywords, etc. The domain will not change… we’ll be able to have DNS switch from one server to another.

Should it be as easy as deleting it from the existing farm, but not deleting the databases… and then restoring it into the new environment? Any impact on shared services?

I for see having to do this with other portals who do have my sites and stuff that is stored in a shared services portal. Any issues with that?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Robert Wilson     Answered On: Jun 18

You should be able to backup the site  in question using SharePoint Portal's backup & restore utility. Then remove it from the source  farm, and restore the site to the new location again using the backup & restore utility. Simply moving  the databases does not work for me. A general rule of thumb for myself is that anytime I make any changes that makes a referrence to a server  name, database name, or URL - always use the backup & restore utility.

Answer #2    Answered By: Chase Wagner     Answered On: Jun 18

I took a look at the tool and successfully backed up a portal. What about restoring  it to a different environment? I opened the restore tab and selected my manifest file, but it wants to restore it to the same database server, names, and URL it was originally attached to. Maybe in my specific  case this will work, but what about moving  this to a completely new environment? The utility isn’t allowing me to edit the database name, url, database server, etc.

Will a manual edit of the manifest XML file do the trick? (just double checking before doing it).

Answer #3    Answered By: Terrance Vasquez     Answered On: Jun 18

The restore utility does allow you to set these type of options. Select the site  you want to restore, and click the edit button (far right). This should allow you to set those properties. One thing to watch out for is doing an upgrade to SP1 between the backup and restore process. You can not restore a pre-SP1 manifest file to an SP1 environment. (Makes your backup that you made just incase sp1 didn't work perfectly somewhat useless.)