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Move documents from one doc library to other in WSS 3.0

  Asked By: Karen    Date: Sep 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 8530

I am running WSS 3.0 and I have two document libraries. One is
called "Ongoing Meetings" and other one is called "Meetings
Conducted". When the end user is done hosting the meeting, he has to
move the meeting documents from "Ongoing Meetings" document library
to "Meetings Conducted" document library (I have different security
maintained on each of them).
Now my question is, what is the best method the end user can use to
perform this move?

I have tried the following, but I have some problems (please see

Option 1
Used explorer view to move the documents - I lose document metadata
with this approach

Option 2
used "Send To" link that appears for each document - When I copy the
document from one doc library to other using "Send To", the next
time, if I try to upload a new document to the destination doc
library, I get "Check In"/"Cancel" option as opposed
to "OK"/"Cancel". I think the user gets confused with "Check In".



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kalash Karmakar     Answered On: Sep 13

Are the content types loaded into the two document  libraries the same?
Explorer view  would be the preferred method  since that is normally the
way to maintain the metadata. Be sure however to do a Drag N Drop, not
a Cut n Paste to keep the metatdata.

The problem with Send to is that it doesn't delete the document from the
original location. Just makes a linked copy  in the destination.

Answer #2    Answered By: Mauricio Tanner     Answered On: Sep 13

Thanks for the input. Drag and Drop did the trick.

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