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Most reasonable approachs for minor mods

  Asked By: Joel    Date: Sep 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 752

I'll convey my achievements and desires (Qs and As) to help the
community, and possibly fill in some the blanks. Ultimately just I
want the "most reasonable" way to accomplish my goals.

1) I want one main portal page with custom styles and page layout.

I solved this by creating a feature to wrap a new master page and
page layout in /_catalogs/masterpage. Then I created a
new /Pages/Home.aspx publishing page from them, and made the new
page the portal's Welcome page. I assigned the "Site Master Page" to
affect that page. No new site definitions, but my styles are now
listed in the master page, and I've tweaked the page layout (moved
the web part zones around, etc.).

2) Migrated and new STS sites to look the same.

I WANT to have the same master page options and page layout
flexibility with my old and new sites, but Team Sites work
differently than the portal's publishing pages. I can reference a
new master page by modifying the STS directory's ONET.XML which
gives old and new sites the same master page. I can modify 12
\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\sts\default.aspx to customize the page
layouts (to add web part zones).

The problem with migrated sites is that they just "seem to become"
STS, so to modify the page layouts, I'm tempted to modify
microsoft's default.aspx file. Though modifying that file will solve
the problem, and apply to NEW sites automatically as well.

I'm considering Steve's approach of copying the STS to STS.original
so that I can modify the Microsoft "out of the box" files, which is
normally undesireable. I just don't see any good way to reference a
new master page (with new CSS references, padding mods, etc...) or
modify Team Site page layouts without modifying "out of the box"

3) I don't want hidden side effects.

I don't want to modify a global master page that will break a type
of site or admin page that we haven't visited or TESTED yet.



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