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  Asked By: Luke    Date: Oct 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 787

Hope you are all well. I just wanted to post an open question to the group. I
have a system that I m working with which has various Portals, each containing
sets of "Sub-Sites". The navigation is taken care of automatically for all of
these sub sites. I also have various "Site Collections" each in their own
database that do not appear in the standard naviagtion. An example would be the

Root Portal - http://server

Sub Portal 1 - http://server/subportal1
Sub Site 1 - http://server/subportal1/subsite1
Sub Site 2 - http://server/subportal1/subsite2
Sub Site in own DB 1 - http://server/subportal1/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB1
Sub Site in own DB 2 - http://server/subportal1/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB2

Sub Portal 2
Sub Site 1 - http://server/subportal2/subsite1
Sub Site 2 - http://server/subportal2/subsite2
Sub Site in own DB 1 - http://server/subportal2/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB1
Sub Site in own DB 2 - http://server/subportal2/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB2

Sub Portal 3

Sub Site 1 - http://server/subportal3/subsite1
Sub Site 2 - http://server/subportal3/subsite2
Sub Site in own DB 1 - http://server/subportal2/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB1
Sub Site in own DB 2 - http://server/subportal2/sites/SubSiteInOwnDB2

What I am after is some idea's of what people are doing to fix the navigation
issue that arises when using seperate site colections with their own databases.
If I wanted to build my own navigation that not only showed the sub sites but
the site collections what suggestions would you all have. Any best practive from
anyon here would be appreciated. Real world exampls would be great also.



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Nora Maxwell     Answered On: Oct 23

I would love to know how to do this also. My experience has been that
all the navigation  features in MOSS are bounded by Site Collection
boundaries. I've never seen a way around that.

Answer #2    Answered By: Corina Duran     Answered On: Oct 23

As a consulting engineering company our planned deployment we do everything as a
project. Some of our projects data range from a couple of 100 MB to 200GB (per
project). So we are planning on using a seperate site  collection for each
project site under a managed path of /project/.

I plan on using the site directory to list links to all the site collections.
I'm trying to work on a way to make this a bit more like our current file server
navigation, eg browse to the department and then projects and then list all the
project subdirectories.
I'm finding the current site directories site template and web parts a bit
limiting but I think I can work around this.
If you are not going to have too many site links in the site directory, or items
in a choice type column then out of the box this could work for you. You might
even want to look at turning on the self service site creation.

The other thing that I am doing is the reverse navigation.
So I have created a project site template and set the root  site collection as
the portal  site collection.
I have a simple example  and screenshot on my blog about this (sorry gratuitous
plug of my new blog).
The advantage of this is that it will provide a bread crumb trail back to the
root site collection in the top left corner.

Answer #3    Answered By: Irving Hurley     Answered On: Oct 23

I haven't tried this, but I would assume you would need to create a
webpart or a server control that would start at the existing site  and
backtrack to Farm context of the current site. That way you could build
a list of Web Applications and Site Collections in the Farm. You could
also enumerate peers to the site and children of the site. We used to
do this in CMS 2002 to create a control called a Compass.

Answer #4    Answered By: Trevor Davis     Answered On: Oct 23

I would also be very interested in an answer to this.

I was noticing while developing a master page in SharePoint Designer
that global navigation  uses a data provider. Would it be conceivable to
develop a feature that has perhaps a site  directory (as suggested
below), but also a data provider that other sites  can consume from. Then
develop another feature that requires the first feature and consumes
that data provider in other sites? I suggest pairing features up just so
it would be easy to integrate them into any new sharepoint installation,
and to make sure the data providers always matched.

Some developer who likes this idea but codes better than me, don't
forget to fire back a solution cuz I'll probably be starting on it,
about the time you make your first million off the solution file.

Answer #5    Answered By: Kristie Hardy     Answered On: Oct 23

Thanks for this. Much appreciated. In the exact scenario I have I would
struggle to create this. In the current structure I have shown below, I have a
full structue of sites, sub sites  and even more subsites (all based on the
publishing template). I have then created "private" collaboration sites (based
on the Team site  Template).

RootPortal - (Collaboration Template)

SubPortal 1 - (Collaboration Template)

SubSite1 - (Publishing Site Template)
SubSubSite 1 - (Publishing Site Template)
SubSubSubSite 1 - (Publishing Site Template)
SubSubSubSite 2 - (Publishing Site Template)

SubSite 2 - (Publishing Site Template)
SubSubSite 1 - (Publishing Site Template)

These are created as Site collections  within their own datadases. I need their
parent to be one of the "Sub Sub Sub Sites". I can do this manually but we have
many Private sites which would need the following to happen:

1. Either use a site template (similar to what you have) - not sure I would know
what the parent is as this would be different for each site collection
2. Go into each site collection and manually add the portal  link connection to
the specific parent "sub sub sub site"
3. Go to the parent "sub sub sub site" and add a link back to the private site
which is audience targetted by a sharepoint group  in the "sub sub sub site"

I have tried this approach and it work fines, but that was for one site.
I don't fancy doing all of them!!

What would be nice is to simply create either a feature or custom
SiteMapProvider that could simply loop down the site collections underneath a
specific root  portal and add them to the navigation  where needed after doing
some clever validation of where it should exist.... hmmmm!! might have to boot
up Visual Studio!!

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