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MOSS turned into WSS?

  Asked By: Herman    Date: Jan 09    Category: MOSS    Views: 768

I have a wierd one for you guys. I have installed MOSS and everything goes
normally. However, when start the configuration process I only have WSS
components. I completely removed it (removed all files not just an uninstall),
installed again... same issue.

there was some version of SharePoint 2007 installed on the server previously
which I removed -I only uninstalled it the first time around-.

I am installing MOSS 64bit.

Project Server 2007 is installed on this server.

I am very stumped and even more frusterated so any insight anyone may have would
be much appriciated!



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Cornelius Guerrero     Answered On: Jan 09

Doesn't Project Server 2007 sit on Windows SharePoint Service 3.0?

What happened to the Project Server when you removed  everything?

Just playing country doctor: does it hurt when I poke here?

Answer #2    Answered By: Roderick Wolfe     Answered On: Jan 09

Am I nuts, or do I remember hearing of bad things that happen when
Project Server and SharePoint coexist on the same machine? I seem to
recall reading something about the relationship between Project Server
and SharePoint lately (possibly even on this list).

Answer #3    Answered By: Johnny Cruz     Answered On: Jan 09

Well I couldn't find anything via google, but it seemed like it could be the
culprit to me. Wonder if it is behind the no indexer problem... Evil Project
server is jealous of MOSS... sorry not enough caffeine today!

Answer #4    Answered By: Norman Santos     Answered On: Jan 09

Yes, project server has a WSS component, as far as I know nothing happened to
Project server when I uninstalled the MOSS.

I think I found the problem, I had the wrong key, they gave me the standard key
instead of enterprise so it installed  everything but then disabled the
enterprise features. I installed it with the correct key and it has all the
features... Now I am just stuck on this 'No indexers' peoblem which I was hoping
would be resolved when I got the MOSS features back but it wasn't.

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