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  Asked By: Kami    Date: Jun 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 720

1. Is it best to set up each department within an organzation with its own web
application or should they all be contained within one web application but
separate site collection? Looking for best practice or recommendations.
2. If I do setup multiple web applications, can I set up SharePoint to search
across web applications? If yes, how do I configure it?
3. By default, does the search in MOSS search across multiple site collections?
4. Content databases are associated with Web Applications right?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gwendolyn Acosta     Answered On: Jun 11

1) Normally site  Collections are the unit of scale. I would keep
the number of web  Applications to a minimum.

2) You can add as many content  sources as you'd like (to an extent)
to your SSP to be crawled. You can add other web applications  this way.

3) By default, no. You need to create a search  Center site and
then set  your other sites to use that Search Center. Out of the box the
search will only search the current site collection.

4) Yeah. A content Database is associated with one Web
Application, but that Web application  can have multiple  Content
Databases. A content database can also have multiple site collections
in it, but each site collection  must exist wholly in one content

Answer #2    Answered By: Kyle Hernandez     Answered On: Jun 11

The lowest common denominator for content  databases is the site  collection. We
setup each department  as it's own site collection  with each pointing to its own
content database.

FYI, we used backup and recovery as the main criteria for setting up each
division as its own site collection. Controlling security is another factor.
If your divisions won't require a lot of storage, or it won't take long to
backup and recover, use team sites instead of site collections.

Please note that in MOSS/WSS, navigation is on a site collection basis. If you
use separate site collections, you will have to manage navigation between the
division sites and your main corporate site.

Answer #3    Answered By: Kedar Phule     Answered On: Jun 11

I do have a follow on question. In order to
associate a site  collection to its own content  database, I would have to disable
all the other content database first so that when I create a new site
collection, SharePoint will create a new content database. Is this correct?

Answer #4    Answered By: Chanel Gaines     Answered On: Jun 11

To associate a site  Collection with a particular content  database in a Web
Application, you need to create the Content database first. Next you'll take
all the other content databases  "offline" so that when you create the new
site collection  it will go where you want it to. Don't worry, "offline"
doesn't really mean offline. It simply means you can't create any new site
collections in that content database.

Answer #5    Answered By: Timmy Whitney     Answered On: Jun 11

You have three options:

1) What you suggested. Set the other content  Databases to "Offline"
and create your site  collection

2) Use the STSADM operation 'createsiteinnewdb' and create the
content db with the site creation

3) Use Gary Lapointe's 'createsiteindb' extension,

Answer #6    Answered By: Harihar Sonnad     Answered On: Jun 11

3) Use Gary Lapointe's 'createsiteindb' extension,

Answer #7    Answered By: Deven Gajjar     Answered On: Jun 11

I don't want to put off the wrong vibe or anything, but I think I have a
bit of a man-crush on Gary. I can't count the number of times I've need
to do something and he's already written and extension for it. I don't
know how he does it, but somehow he reads my mind before I even think of

Answer #8    Answered By: Latisha Schneider     Answered On: Jun 11

In order to enable search  across web  applications, I just need to associate the
web application  to the SSP and that is all I need to do right?

Answer #9    Answered By: Nora Maxwell     Answered On: Jun 11

Yeah. Just make sure all web  applications are being crawled by the SSP
you're searching against.

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