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Using MOSS to organize and maintain documentation...thougts?

  Asked By: Jeana    Date: Jan 09    Category: MOSS    Views: 1344

As I'm learning the backend stuff I'm also trying to figure out
front-end features that can benefit our users.

We have a group that is in charge of maintaining documentation for one
of our enterprise applications. It consists of lots of word files with
screen shots, FAQ lists, etc.

They're looking for ideas on how we can best use MOSS to handle this as
we go forward.

I suggested the WIKI as a solution but then discovered the rather
pathetic feature set of the built-in Wiki (no structured markup, no
image insertion, etc) so, first question: anyone know of a better 3rd
part Wiki Web Part for MOSS?

Then I suggested that instead of maintaining mailing lists for
documentation updates that they start a blog that people then subscribe
to via alerts or RSS.

Beyond that, I suggested they just store their Word files in MOSS so
that they are indexable.

Anyone else have ideas/tips/thoughts on how to leverage MOSS for
documentation management and organizing?

Final question: Are there any recommended newsgroups/mailing lists that
are geared more towards MOSS users and site administratos rather than
server admins/developers (or is this list suitable for those types of
questions too)?



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