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  Asked By: Sampat    Date: Nov 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 866

I have been tasked with getting MOSS 2007 installed, configured and
operational as my organization's Enterprise Search tool. You know,
kinda like a Google for our company. I need to get all of this done
before the March timeframe. The intent is for MOSS to crawl
designated Network File Shares and allow the users to simply run their
query and get back what they have security to. No real need for a
structure or organization at this point. It's been a gripe for a long
time here that users can never find what they're looking for in the
digital jungle we call the Network File System. As such, we'll
provide a means to get them this data in a searchable context. Enter
MOSS 2007 Enterprise Search.

I have a few pointed questions for you all out there. Do you know
what is required on the service account that is crawling this stuff,
that has various file permission levels? We certainly don't want this
to crawl/index any HR stuff or other sensitive material. Further, we
want to be sure that even if a result shows up for a user and they
don't have security to that file, that they won't be able to open and
view its contents. Ideally, it would be nice to not even bring back
the snippet of the file as a hit to them.

Lastly, I currently have an RTM server (Virtual Server R2) running
everything except the RDBMS, which sits on a monster cluster. This is
our development environment. I plan to go with a similar config for
the production environment, but I'm wondering if I should split out
some of the services to multiple Virtual Servers as part of the farm.
Need a little guidance there, too.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Vinay Thakur     Answered On: Nov 26

MOSS 2007 search  can certainly help you with this.

The account used for the search indexer will need to have at least "Read"
access to everything you want included in the index. If you don't want it
crawling your HR information, ensure you don't create a content source
there. But, when a user queries the data, SharePoint Search security trims
the results, so users will not see anything in search results that they
don't have access to begin with.

As far as running it in a virtual server


Virtual Server 2005 R2 Support for WSS 3.0 and moss  2007


I would highly consider having your SQL store in a separate instance, and on
a separate spindle if at all possible for performance reasons, especially if
it's all virtualized.

Answer #2    Answered By: Aakash Gavade     Answered On: Nov 26

Also just add an extra bit, if your NTFS share includes the
HR content and it is easier to index it all in one go with one content index
(not always the best option), either lock out the HR from the crawl account
of let it index then add some exclusions to the "remove from search  results"
screen in MOSS2007. This means you can quite happily index it and then just
put a pattern in to remove it from the search results.

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