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  Asked By: Reuben    Date: Sep 10    Category: MOSS    Views: 917

What is the Best Practice on implementing MOSS over a distributed

I have googling since few days on distributed network and MOSS, but
could not get a complete picture on "How to implement MOSS on a
distributed (disconnected) Network".

Here are my few thoughts:

1. Create a WFE at every location, if a document/list has to be
searched, then the document can be located locally;
In this model, the WFE has to contact the SQL at the back, which is
not distributed (disconnected).

2. Replicate the SQL Data at every location, so that if a network is
disconnected, then the document/list can be searched at the local SQL.

I donot know if there are any models which is the best practice for
implementation MOSS.

I really appreciate if any one in the user community can suggest me
with their thoughts. Any URLs/Documentation will help me.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Christen Roberson     Answered On: Sep 10

MOSS "farms" (a collection of related sharepoint servers using a single shared
service provider) are not supported over a distributed network  like you discuss.
You might want to investigate how Sharepoint can incorporate database mirroring
using SQL 2005. I believe Syntergy also puts out a database replication product
that is supposed to be pretty decent.

Answer #2    Answered By: Faith Delgado     Answered On: Sep 10

MOSS is not really designed to be implemented as a distributed(disconnected)
Network system. If you want to do this I suggest looking at some third
party tools like the IOra Replicator product that are specifically designed
to add this kind of functionality to MOSS.


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