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MOSS 2007 - Two big issues..Site Directory and Table of Contents

  Asked By: Brennan    Date: Oct 31    Category: MOSS    Views: 1662

I have two issues..
1. I have a site directory subsite (not the default one that comes with
each new portal that has been created) but when I create a site, the
check box to "add the site to the site directory" (which in essence,
adds the site to the "sites" list )is not present and it needs to be.
I didn't create the portal so I have no idea which type of portal was
created (publishing, collaborative, etc..).
Is there a way to get this check box put back onto the create site page
through hacking into the code behind the create site page? Is there
another way to do it?

2. If there is no way to accomplish #1, is there a way to modify the
Table of Contents web part so it only displays subsites and not
the "documents, lists, etc.." that normally display in addition to the



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