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MOSS 2007 and SQL 2005

  Asked By: Jordan    Date: Mar 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 775

We are planning to install MOSS 2007 to replace our existing SPS2003. Right
now, we have a 3 server farm (1 SQL, 1 WFE, and 1 Job/Index) and for the
load, it works great. At the same time, we are implementing SQL 2005 into
our overall IT infrastructure with a pretty beefy SQL cluster, with all the
bells and whistles to make the administration of it easier (RAID, quad cpu,
redundant ps, oodles of space, RAM, etc ...). It has been suggested to me
that we use this SQL 2005 cluster for the backend of our MOSS installation
instead of a dedicated box like we currently have.

Question: With the increased number of SQL calls in the new version, would
adding the schema to this cluster, which will house < 10 applications to
start, inhibit performance in any way? This number of applications (with
individual schemas) is very likely to increase over the SQL clusters life

For the sake of this question, let's assume networking will include
dedicated NIC and sufficient bandwith to handle the traffic.
Thanks in advance for your response.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Vinay Thakur     Answered On: Mar 23

Are you asking "Should we move our databases to this shared SQL resource
or leave the SharePoint databases with their own standalone SQL Server"
regardless if the backend is SQL 2005 or not?

1) SQL 2005 definitely outperforms SQL 2000 as the backend
datastore for MOSS (See http://blogs.msdn.com/joelo where he makes notes
about this in the MSIT environment)

2) If you're worried about taxing your new SQL 2005 cluster with
SharePoint, that depends on how much data you currently have on your
existing SPS2003 environment vs the amount you expect.

It's hard to determine depending on the size of your environment, but
from your description, it sounds like your new SQL 2005 cluster is going
to be a great resource So if your IT department is willing to let you
use it...go for it

Answer #2    Answered By: Shayla Mcbride     Answered On: Mar 23

The question was: "should we" use the shared
resource or force the issue of keeping our own box and upgrading it to 2005
- there is really no question about the benefits of upgrading. While
aggregating schemas on a capable box is the logical choice, I don't want to
be sorry for giving up hardware dedicated to the application. It will
be much harder to get back than it will be to give up.

Answer #3    Answered By: Jarvis Rowe     Answered On: Mar 23

I should have listed the direct link on Joel's blog I'm referring two.

Here's the primary one:

Why upgrade to SQL 2005? My Top 5.


And another good one:

SharePoint Tech Content Database sizing and capacity planning
(backup/restore implications)


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