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MOSS 2007 Site Content not appearing in site from 2003 SITE db

  Asked By: Krista    Date: Dec 12    Category: MOSS    Views: 1082

After adding a SP Portal 2003 db to a MOSS 2007 application via sts
(see below) I am unable to see any content from the db. The problem
is when I am looking at the db I see in dbo.alldocs there are some
27000 items both the site version ( and BitFlags (262144)
are correct but no data.

STSADM Command:
stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http://blah-web:24146 -databasename
dbblahSITE -datbaseserver

There was no customization in the templates, no web parts... this was
just a straight forward SPS 2003 site that was pre=scan based on the
version number.

I'm at a loss and spent some time on the phone with Microsoft... One
tech asked me what WSS stood for, not feeling too confident in

Any ideas would be appreciated

Just to summarize...

I connected a prescanned SPS2003 to a MOSS 2007 site / web
application not being used by anything else. I am unable to see any
of the content that should be there with the exception of the site
structure, links, sub sites. This was out of the box with no parts
or customization. I can see the content in the db...

How do I now get his content viewable in the site again.

Bad part... There are no backups before the site was upgraded to the
MOSS / WSS 30 schema.



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