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MOSS 2007 Multi-Value Filter in List

  Asked By: Cara    Date: Oct 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 1852

Recently, a task was given to me - to create a custom list, populate it
and then, filter it based on a current user profile property (custom
property, created by me). Until now all looks ok. But the problem comes
when the property (let's name it Area) has multiple values asigned to
current user. By example:

" I am a company employee and I want to access the list shown on bottom
of this post. I login using my username and my password. In my profile
property [Area] are two values: South and East, both separated by a
comma witch means that I can only view the users from South and East. "

I tried to filter that list using ListView filtering options but the
only value available for identify the logged user is the "special
value" [Me]. I cannot put the Area in the filter expression or I don't
know how.
As a workaround for this I've put another webpart on the page - a
Current User WebPart, set Sharepoint Profile Value and set the webpart
to "Send All Values" when handling with multiple values. This is not
working, I don't know why; so this is my question! Please help me with
this... I am open to any new idea.



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