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MOSS 2007 and DNS

  Asked By: Courtney    Date: Jul 31    Category: MOSS    Views: 934

I work in a small company that very recently got a little bigger and
now we want to start using SharePoint for obvious reasons :)

We have had no Domain or DNS or Active Directory or what have you...
and now it is my job to get SharePoint up and running! :S

Can anyone point me in the rigth direction of what needs to be done,
that is how DNS needs to be configured so that I can get MOSS working?
I don´t want to start installing MOSS until I have the correct
configuration of our Domain.

So I have a Windows server 2003 up and running with DNS as a Domain
controller... I will then setup MOSS on another server, but how to
best proceed, I am not sure.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, do you f.ex. know of any
good tutorials or content on the web? ...?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dameon Dejesus     Answered On: Jul 31

I haven't tried it with v3 yet, but v2 WSS would run just fine
without a domain. You just had to create local accounts on the
server for all your users. I would guess name resolution would work
just as it does now, so DNS wouldn't be necessary either.

Having said all that, I would recommend your company look into Small
Business Server. It's a package that comes with Windows 2003 Server
and Sharepoint and a bunch of other stuff.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tejaswani Barve     Answered On: Jul 31

As per my Opinion:

The fist thing that comes to my mind is to install SPS on Workgroup. Create users on the SPS Server and add the users to Sharepoint. I faced the problem while creating sharepoint Portal after the installation on Workgroup and finally installed it with Sharepoint MDSE to make it work. I am not much sure about MOSS….

Answer #3    Answered By: Harshita Padwal     Answered On: Jul 31

I have installed MOSS on a server and created users on that same
server to add to sharepoint...

That works fine...but I can´t open my Site Collection main sites
now. Don´t know why, but I always get an "Cannot connect to server
or DNS error"!

I´m goint to start a new discussion on this subject ...

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