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  Asked By: Mathew    Date: Jun 27    Category: MOSS    Views: 568

Our company has rolled out SharePoint 2007. There are still many functions that
are not
yet available, but are in the plan such as external facing site for one.

Being a newbie user, I'm thinking ahead to when we are steered into using
Collaboration. Currently we have 21 or so office and only 1 has Office 2007,
but the
others will be upgraded soon. After talking with one of our IT folks, I learned
that any
project site would have to be set up through them unless I did something through
Either way, I question what happens with the "administrator" of a site starts a
Project and
then at some point down the road leaves the company? Of course the other
members of
the group could still access that particular site because they were given
originally. What if 2 years go back after that person leaves and a new person
is then hired
and needs access to some of the files within that site? How does that new
person find
what he/she needs?

Should files that are in a Project Site be moved to an organized file structure
on a server
somewhere when the project is "completed"? What is the best way to archive?

Overall, as an end user I'm finding what used to take me one or two steps to do
is now
taking me 5-10 steps. I question how efficient SharePoint is. And if you have
to go to
SharePoint everytime you need to start a new project site, then that is going to
the IT folks and won't that slow down productivity more and create less
utilization (well,
except in the case of our IT folks)?



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