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Modifying the site directory page and multiple site directories

  Asked By: Sansuma    Date: Apr 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1042

In a previous message I wrote I was trying to figure out how to create
multiple site directories. I figured it out so if you're interested read
below as to how. My only problem right now is that I can't seem to
modify the site directory page (either the default one that comes with
SPS or new ones I create). If you click on Edit Page, the Create Subarea
option shows up in the menu but I can't a) add web parts b) modify web
parts c) design the page. Maybe this is a bug in TR2 and fixed in the
final release (available on MSDN later today, thanks!). I really need to
modify the browse sites by web part as it displays too many options. I
also want to add my own web part to this page for creating a site with
one form instead of 3.

How to Create Multiple Site Directories in SPS V2
Areas in SPS V2 all work off a template. There are several area
templates available. This includes topic area template, news area
template, site directory area template and community area template. By
default, creating a new sub-area from the Home location in SPS V2 it
will default to a content area template allowing you to add content
(like lists, events, document libraries, etc.).

For our needs, we wanted multiple site directories (specifically one for
projects and one for components). The default configuration of SPS
provides one site directory (called "Sites") where you can create new
sites and categorize them by region or division. The Site Directory area
contains a custom list (called "Sites") which contains the values for
the categorization of new sites. You can customize this list by
selecting "Customize List" from the side menu in the Sites area.

We wanted two different site registries each with custom properties and
choices. To do this, first we deleted the default Sites area as it
wasn't appropriate to our needs. There is a way to rename it but that
can get messy as there are references to it in various places so we
thought it would be cleaner to start fresh. Then we modified the
settings on the Home page by selecting "Change Settings" on the side
menu. Select the "Page" tab. By default new areas use the content
template. Change the radio button to select "Subareas can use any
template" and click OK. Now click on "Create Subarea" from the home page
and an additional field is available for selecting the template to use
for the area. In our example, we created two areas based on the Site
Directory. This allowed us to independantly customize the list for each
area and separate and categorize our sites while getting the benefits of
the "Newest Sites" and "Sites I have added" web parts.

One thing to note is that this does not change where the site is
created. All sites are still created under the http://servername/sites/
folders regardless of what site directory they were generated from, but
for the most part this is a good thing.



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