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Modify User in Collect Data from User Workflow

  Asked By: Marques    Date: Jan 06    Category: MOSS    Views: 15130

There is an automatic email that occurs. The action and email variable
are as follows in the workflow: Collect Mounting/Laminating Request
(data) from Workflow Test (user) (Output to Variable: ID of Complete
Request Task).

I can use the Send an Email action after the task completes to notify
the initiator, but Workflow Test - the group to be notified that a new
task has been created - is set in the workflow. When the created task is
opened in the Task List there is a Claim Task button on the toolbar that
updates the Assigned To column in the list, but it does not update the
user - Workflow Test - in the workflow.

Right now I have two people assigned to this group and during testing I
found that both myself and the other person received email notifications
during the life of the task even though I claimed the task.

Eventually there will be 10 individuals assigned to the group for this
workflow and they will all receive email when the workflow completes for
each task, and also whenever any change is made to each task. This will
create tens of email a day for each member of the group that do not
apply to them specifically.

In the version history for the task I see that Workflow Test is set to
Task Group when the task is created. When the task is claimed, Assigned
To is set to the logged in user. What I need to know is how to set Task
Group to a column in the task list. I found some documentation on
extended properties and read that adding a column of the same name would
update this property. I added the column to the view and added the "Set
Field in Current Item" action to a secondary workflow that runs whenever
an item is changed but that didn't seem to work.

Is this column an extended property? Is there a way to modify it that
does not involve writing code? Is there a better way for me to set up
this workflow process? I've tried creating individual workflows for
creating the task and sending the notification email but run into other
problems trying to figure out how the built in functionality of the OOB
workflow was done, like providing a Link to the InfoPath form in the
task item. This is another column that I don't see listed anywhere so
how to access it?



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