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'Modified By' Column gives incorrect values in an approval workflow

  Asked By: Tyson    Date: Aug 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 1777

I have an approval workflow (working on an infopath form library) that requires
approval from 6-7 users at each step (7 steps in total). With every approval, my
workflow captures Date/Time and Approver's Name using Modified and Modified By
column respectively and paste the details on designated columns in the form
library. This way we are logging approvers name and date/time details of

The logic works fine in majority of the cases but sometimes the workflow works
abruptly and paste name of approvers of one step to another steps. Sometimes it
also pastes the name of the form initiator in the approvers name column. Mind
you, the logic is to capture values (using modified by and modified column) when
the approver is editing the column while approving it. Once the form gets
approved at an initial level it cant revert back. Similarly an incremental
variable (number column) has been introduced that restricts values of one step
to cross over to another step and vice versa.

As soon as the initiator fills the form, it switches to read-only mode. This way
even initiator cant edit the form later on.


What possibly is causing this problem? May be the form session does not time out
properly and the system recognizes the old approver as the present approver?

Is there any way that I can control the session time out via infopath form ctrl
button or a custom workflow?



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