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Mobile - BlackBerry Authentication

  Asked By: Sherri    Date: Jan 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3960

I am trying to make a SharePoint list(or our whole site... it doesn't
really matter)available to our BlackBerry's users. In the mobile
section of the view it says to go to http://myurl.org/m/

I have both check boxes checked under the mobile section of the list
- Make this a mobile view (Applies to public views only)
- Make this the default mobile view (Applies to public views only)

Windows Authentication I get the following error:
Error: Unsupported Authentication Scheme

Forms Based Authentication I get the following error:
HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
The servers could not understand the page request, or was not able to
process it for some reason. Please try another request.

Can anyone help me on authenticating?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Arlene Hodge     Answered On: Jan 23

Since you're getting an authentication  error have you tried on an anonymous list
to rule out the mobile  aspect?

What authentication is your site  using? If it's not using Basic, try that. If
you're only using NTLM the Blackberry may not be able to speak that.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jolene Sandoval     Answered On: Jan 23

you will have to enable basic authent on WFE servers serving these lists. But
careful, that is sent at base64 cleartext and can be hacked. best practice is
using SSL in conjunction with Basic authentic.

Answer #3    Answered By: James Stallings     Answered On: Mar 10

You are correct when stating that Blackberries can't understand NTLM authentication. There are a few different solutions to your problem.

If using BIS

1) Vanessa's answer
2) Use forms authentication  instead of basic
3) Use anonymous authentication (not advised for sensitive contact)

If using a BES then
1) Enable Support http  authentication on bes under MDS-CS settings. This will allow the BES to authenticate using NTLM/Kerberos on behalf of the Blackberry device.
2) Take a look at a third party product like SilverDust (http://silverdust.softartisans.com). SilverDust is the most secure out of all listed (granted you have a BES) and formats SharePoint content in a more usable manner then the default  /m

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