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What have I missed on my blog?

  Asked By: Bruce    Date: May 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 736

I'm trying to sort out permissions on my new blog site -
http://blog.sbsfaq.com and I can't see what I have missed. I'm trying
to allow anonymous posters to post comments (I figure it will be a while
before the spammers find me so anon is ok for now). It requests
authorisation to post the comment even though I've allowed

I've setup a blog site before for my conference event later this year
http://www.smbfocus.com/blog/default.aspx and it works fine - I can't
see what I've missed - I've even compared the two side by side.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Chris Daniel     Answered On: May 09

Do you have "content approval" turned on for the Posts list? If so you
won't see any posts until they are approved. You can also leave that on
for your comments  list. Anonymous users will still be able to leave
comments, they just won't show up until you approve them.

Answer #2    Answered By: Lynn Mann     Answered On: May 09

Yes - I do have content approval turned on for comments, but when I post
comment  to http://blog.sbsfaq.com I get prompted for credentials. If
I click Cancel - I get this "401 UNAUTHORIZED" On my other site  I don't
get prompted for credentials as an anonymous  user and the blog  post goes
into the list waiting the administrator to approve it. That's the issue
I am trying to figure  out.

I've checked for anonymous access on the IIS site (enabled along with
integrated and basic), the WSS site (enabled - Entire Site) and the
comments list (enabled for Add and View items) and I can't see what I've

Actually - I've just gone back to the other site and anonymous comments
seem to be prompting for credentials now too... I'm really puzzled as
they didn't before.

I've also received feedback from the administrator of this list that my
post was taken as a thinly veiled advertisement. Let me state that this
is not and was not the intent. I have a technical problem and I though
that if I gave valid URLs for what works  and what does not work that
someone may be able to say "hey - you missed this..." Also to show that
yes - I got it right elsewhere, but why the heck can't I get it right on
another site. As a fellow moderator of a number of SBS focused lists,
giving examples of what does and does not work often helps us resolve

I apologise if anyone took offence or thought I was advertising - that
is not and was not the purpose for the post.

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