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What is the minimum number of AD accounts needed for MOSS in medium

  Asked By: Chase    Date: Aug 19    Category: MOSS    Views: 1272

I just installed a test portal using one domain service account on a
single Virtual Machine. SQL Server 2005 is the provisioning database.

Table 2-1 in the MINDSHARP SharePoint Administrator Track lists the
accounts required by a MOSS07 farm installation. Other SharePoint
blogs lists many of the same accounts, such as this one:
which is a summary of a Microsoft technet article. The accounts and
what they do are well documented. Why we need so many of them and
why they can't be consolidated is less obvious. My question really
is not what is the least number of accounts needed, but WHY SO MANY?
I know that when I request these accounts to be created by our
domain administrator, he is going to need some justification from me.

I think part of the answer is modularity in architecture design
lends itself to flexible configuration. It may be easier to change
or add Shared Service Providers later using a different account, for
example. Security is also a reason.

Can anyone with MOSS experience provide a general reason for having
so many distinct accounts? Our planned web farm is two NLB WFEs and
clustered SQL Server 2005.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Trinity Scott     Answered On: Aug 19

The minimum  number of service accounts  tends to be dependent on the
security considerations when designing the environment. Some
organizations like the military, banking, insurance require higher
security environments. They may want much more granular control in
their design. Normal business want security, but aren't as concerned.
They will normally use 3-4 service  accounts. It depends on your design.