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Minimal accounts for a test environment

  Asked By: Damaris    Date: Dec 26    Category: MOSS    Views: 726

I have just completed an install of MOSS 2007, things seem OK.

The Admin Resource Kit recommends about a dozen accounts, but this
seemed overkill for a test environment

Basically I used a "MossApp" account to perform the install and run
various application pools. This is an admin on the Web and DB server
(small farm)

I also used a "SQLService" account for DB access, and created
a "MossSearch" account that is NOT an admin to be used for crawling

What I'm hoping to learn from the group is the following:

What sorts of problems might I run into with this setup?
Which additional accounts should I consider creating to run my test
environment on.

It seems to me that the many additional accounts would be important
for hardening a production environment but for a test environment the
above is going to be OK (assuming no custom permissions needed to
index content sources) If this is wrong I'd like to make corrections
now before going much further, so please let me know what kinds of
issues I might encounter.

BTW, I did 2003 admin training with Mindsharp in the UK with Bill and
Todd (I'm a big fan) but I'm just getting started with 2007.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jacklyn Burnett     Answered On: Dec 26

This question has come up a few times lately. I know I've struggled with
"best practices" vs expediency when doing installs here. If MS's own
preconfigured images are any gauge, they use Administrator for pretty much
everything for their demo environments.

Answer #2    Answered By: Breann Beach     Answered On: Dec 26

I guess it depends on what you're testing. If you just want to get
familiarity with SharePoint, or you want to try out its
functionality, run everything as an admin. If you want to develop
code or set up configurations with the intention of deploying them
into a production environment, then you should use more realistic
accounts and permissions so you can encounter and debug the issues.

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