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Migration & synching between collections and sites – Sharepoint new

  Asked By: Nilay    Date: Apr 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 806

Can you point me to the documentation or show/tell me how one might
synchronize two sharepoint collections or two sharepoint sites with
each other? Or, to break it down, do we want migration or synching?
Does it matter if the migration and/or synching is between sites in a
single collection or across collections?

The scenario:

Business Department Functionary X has some content that people from
across the company need. She quickly puts together the content in the
out-of-the-box format and lets folks start using it. Now she wants to
add bells and whistles: better navigation, more attributes to the
files, a check-in/check-out process, categories and tags. But she does
not want to disturb folks already using the content she created before.

How can she maintain, as a non-tech business user, a "development"
site and easily "push" the content and configurations to the
"production" site that people are using?

Is there an out-of-the box `synch' capability? How about one for
`migration'? How do they operate? Which is better, i.e. easier for
business users to use and for IT to maintain?

Is this a scenario for which one should explore WSS publishing or is
that better for extranet sites? This scenario is within the company.



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