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Migrating a MOSS environment from one server farm to another

  Asked By: Nagendra    Date: Dec 14    Category: MOSS    Views: 2583

I need to move a MOSS 2007 environment from one server farm to another. Here is
my overall scenario:--There are 3 production servers. 2 are virtual servers and
1 is a non virtual server. --MOSS is installed on the 2 virtual servers with one
being the Web Front End and the other being the index server for search.--The
non virtual server is the database server. I need to migrate the MOSS 2007
environment from those 3 old servers to 2 new servers.--1 web front end server
with MOSS and all services--1 database server I have install MOSS on the new
server and create the databases and a site collection. What I am hoping to be
able to do is to take the content database from the old environment and connect
it to my new MOSS environment so that I don't have to recreate the entire site
collection. Am I on the right track? Does anyone know of white papers or



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jaya Deoghar     Answered On: Dec 14

You *could* move  the content database, *or* you could just do a full site
collection backup at the root URL:

stsadm -o backup -url "http://myMossUrl" -filename

Restoring in the new environment  is pretty simple too:

stsadm -o restore -url "http://myNewMossUrl" -filename

Answer #2    Answered By: Candi Branch     Answered On: Dec 14

...but be careful about orphaning SSP info. You probably want to perform an
'stsadm.exe -o preparetomove' on the DB first.

Answer #3    Answered By: Jan Chen     Answered On: Dec 14

If the two farms are within the same AD Domain:

- Quiese the current farm
- On old server, do as Ben stated with preparetomove
- Detach databases, move  to new SQL Server
- Rename old server
- Create new server  to host SQL Server, name it to what the old server was
- Create new WFE and Indexing Server
- Attach new WFE and Indexing Server to current farm  by using Sharepoint
Configuration Wizard.
- Make sure to specify that you want to change the server that is hosting
Central Administration Site
- Disconnect old WFE and Indexing server from farm