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Migrate WSS before Mysites and Portal ?

  Asked By: Margret    Date: Nov 20    Category: MOSS    Views: 991

Due to reorganizations, layoffs, losing key people, We're re-
evaluating our project plan of our migration. At first we were trying
to get everything 100% ready before launch, but we're being held up
by portal 2003.

I'd like to know the feedback on this plan:

currently we have a 32-bit farm running sharepoint 2003 with our
company portal, mysites, and wss sites.

intranet.####.com ->> Company Portal
intranet.####.com/MySite ->> MySites
intranet.####.com/sites ->> WSS Team Sites

with our thorough testing, we know that out of the box MySites and
WSS Team Sites are ready to migrate nearly flawlessly. Unfortunately
our Company Portal is a different story. Due to heavy customizations
and custom webparts, it may take another 6 months for our Portal to
be ready. Its a shame that this 2% is holding up the 98% thats ready
to migrate flawlessly.

My proposal:

Leave Portal and Mysites in place on 2003 technology
intranet.####.com ->> Company Portal
intranet.####.com/MySite ->> MySites

Do a Migration of WSS Team Sites to MOSS on a brand new 64-bit farm
breaking the schema and using a new url path
teamsites.####.com/sites ->> WSS Team Sites 3.0

I hope to migrate the portal and mysites in the future to their same
urls however
intranet.####.com ->> Company Portal
intranet.####.com/MySite ->> MySites

The questions that came up amongst my team which I'm looking for the
answers for are:

1. will there have to be 2 sets of mysites, one on 2003 and another
on 2007 in order to have 2 sets of profiles working properly? If a
user updates their profile in 2003 then the changes will not be
reflected in 2007?

2. one of my team members says its the best practice to have portal
& mysites migrated/created first in 2007 so that the wss sites can
utilize/inherit those properties. If WSS is migrated before
mysites/portal however, there will be a potential for incompatibility
or things might break. Is this true?



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