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Migrate fron V1 to V2

  Asked By: Kara    Date: Oct 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1146

We are moving from SPS V1 to V2 now, V2 has a document library to
shandle documents from V1. But I was wondering how we migrate all the
documents with history vervisons to V2?

Do we have to re-input manually again for all the files and no way
for history information.



8 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sameera Shettar     Answered On: Oct 10

We are moving  from SPS V1 to V2 now, V2 has a document  library to
shandle documents  from V1. But I was wondering how we migrate  all the
documents with history  vervisons to V2?

Do we have to re-input  manually again for all the files  and no way
for history information.

Answer #2    Answered By: Debendra Boruah     Answered On: Oct 10

MS has stated that they will be providing tools and migration
documentation later when the product reaches maturity on how to migrate
your data. So don't panic as they're dedicated to migrating content at
this point. Just how that's going to happen is still up in the air right
now so it's a bit of a leap of faith.

Answer #3    Answered By: Xavier Davis     Answered On: Oct 10

You need to install the WSS Document library. This is part of the
component of the portal site. You can find more info on the help file

Answer #4    Answered By: Anthony Robinson     Answered On: Oct 10

I know that I need to install document  library and after all how do I
move V1 files  to V2 server? do I have to re-do them all again on V2.

Somebody told that MS will provide a tool later to automate it. I
alos contact commvault and AvePoint, etc, only AvePoint says they are
developing a migrate  tool on the way. Do I have to use third party
tool, like AvePoint? or other ideas since we have a lots of documents
on V1.

Answer #5    Answered By: Antonio Kelly     Answered On: Oct 10

There is an upgrade tool available in Beta2. You can find more info on
the readme or documentation

Answer #6    Answered By: Buddy Moon     Answered On: Oct 10

There is an upgrade tool available with Beta 2. Check the readme on the SPS Beta
2 CD

Answer #7    Answered By: Vishala Verma     Answered On: Oct 10

I guess it depends on how automated you want it. We have about 4GB on
our V1 server and I've tested just drag-n-drop between my old web
folders and the new web folders (or shared folders as they're called).
I was impressed and pleased to learn that I didn't have to load the WSS
or backward-compatible document  management stuff on V2.

Granted, it's slow and manual, but for us that's ok. We needed to do
some re-org anyway.

From some of the posts, I guess I just assumed that since people were
bashing V2's document management and that they had to load the
backward-compatible doc management module that I wouldn't be able to do
what I wanted with V2. However, I've found so far that everything we
use is intact and we don't have to take the backward-compatible route.
We're not huge on doc management, but we do use check-in/out/publish and
a little bit of approval.

Some things that are just plain slick are the Document Workspaces,
better error messages (ie, if you try to copy a file with "#" in the
name, it actually tells you! before, it would just say network
authentication error), Active Directory lookups, Profile pages, Private
vs Public views, etc

They really stepped up the portal piece.

Answer #8    Answered By: Rosalyn Craft     Answered On: Oct 10

We have a lots of documents  and we had some trouble to migrate  to V2
from V1 since V1 and V2 are quite different. That's why that V2
provides a document  library for V1 compatible only.

We have tried used the way you said in the mail, did you find out
some history  versions missing? and we finally use AvePoint's DocAve
1.5 which now can be used as a migrator. It works well and allows us
pick up some of documents instead of all and we got all history
versions of documents.

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