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Microsoft Project + Sharepoint - Integrated Project Management Tool

  Asked By: Haley    Date: Jan 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 5729

My group requires to monitor 10 other teams and we are trying to build
an Integrated Project Management Tool. The company has deployed
sharepoint and we also have bought Coras Works Suite. Most of the teams
that we are trying to monitor use different applications to regulate
themselves, like MS Project for planning, Sharepoint for sharing
documents/announcements, sharepoint/Clearquest for issue tracking and
ofcourse, excel. Needless to say, monitoring these projects has not
been easy because there is no one platform. Currently the projects are
required to complete a one page status report showing the status of
current deliverables, coding, testing, implementation, issues , risks,
running narrative, dependancies etc. But our approach is reacting to
what they show on their status report. We also have a difficult time
just keeping track of historical information like issue/risk,
deliverables completed, next set of deliverables due, other show
stoppers, cross depandancies with other projects et al.

What we want to do is to rollout an integrated project management tool.
Coras works has number of rollups that help with project management
. But I am not sure if they integrate with MS project and provide all
the functionality we need.
1. Can someone give me an examples of Integrated project management
tools? Can Sharepoint do the job? I am looking for good visual project
management templates or examples.
2. We also need to synchronize with MS Project and I did not find any
good visual examples for that. Can someone suggest some examples?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Maribel Todd     Answered On: Jan 23

you can use windows sharepoint  services for team site, and project  server 2003.
they get integrated  easily, configure sharepoint services server with
wsswiz.eze file available with project server. this will provide  a project
workspace site. that will contain six webparts, and also on the site you will
have document libraries integrated with project server, and also have risks and
issues. it is already an integrated project specific tool.

Answer #2    Answered By: Philip Mcgorry     Answered On: Jul 09

You really should check out BrightWork. We use them (NUI Galway) and it helps us sync between MS Project and Microsoft SharePoint. It means everyone can use the tool which they prefer and sync back into SharePoint! Good Luck!