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Microsoft Certification Paths for Analyst/Consultative Roles

  Asked By: Tejaswani    Date: Sep 06    Category: MOSS    Views: 889

I am aware of the WSS Config and Development exams as well as the MOSS
Config and Development exams. I have taken these and received my
certification in all of these exams but was wondering what
certification it makes the most sense to achieve next.

Personally I had intended to get my PerformancePoint Server
certification (which I think still has value, perhaps even more so
since this is now for all intents and purpsoses part of the SharePoint
platform rather than a stand alone server product). I also was thinking
of SQL Reporting Services or something like that to strengthen my BI

I also scheduled to try the BVPS certification early next month (I am
hoping it should be very easy based on my experience) and just learned
about this a few months ago.

I was wondering what other possible certifications you might recommend.
I considered getting my .Net 2, .Net 3 and so on, but I want to steer
away from development centric certifications I think because my role is
more of a management and analysis/consulatative one. I am also open to
non Microsoft certifications if some of those make sense and still
relate to SharePoint or could supply additional benefit.



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