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Metatagging Sub-sites

  Asked By: Roman    Date: Mar 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1131

When creating sites from a sub-area using the Site Directory
Template, you have the ability to configure a variety of metatags
that describe those sites and allow views of the sites based on those
metatags. However, once you create sub-sites under those top level
sites, you lose the ability to further metatag the sub-sites.
Therefore, if the metatags for the sub-sites differ from those of the
parent, you are no longer able to configure those differing tags for
the children.

Does anyone know of any way to assign metatagging to sub-sites and,
once assigned, view those sub-sites in a consolidated manner, across
site collections, based on the metatags? We've already thought of
the usual making customized lists, etc. We would prefer a dynamic
way to do this with little or no manual intervention.

We've considered one workaround that would give you;
1. the ability to view an inventory of all sub-sites, and
2. the ability to assign metadata/metatags to the items in the
inventory, where some of the metatags are being pulled or passed
through from the top level site metadata and other metatags are being
added by the user creating the sub-site.

Unfortunately, we are not sure just how to implement this solution
and wanted to poll the membership to see if anyone has implemented a
solution similar to this.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Isaiah Santiago     Answered On: Mar 09

What do you mean by metatags? Do you physically mean an HTML tags  like:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="name" CONTENT="content">
<META NAME="name" CONTENT="content">

Or do you mean characterize sites  (really site  collections) using fields
like Division and Region in the Sites list?

Answer #2    Answered By: Robert Wilson     Answered On: Mar 09

I mean the
characterization of site  collections. Once sub-sites  are created
this 'characterization' functionality no longer  exists.

Answer #3    Answered By: Chase Wagner     Answered On: Mar 09

Click Manage sites  in the Actions section on the left nav of the Site
Directory area. From here you can CRUD the Sites list:
-Add Link to site  (again in the Actions section)
-View Item (smart menu on the item)
-Edit Item
-Delete Item
-Alert me

For instance, if the Division was not selected when the site collection was
created you could use Edit Item to select the list item, change the
Division, and Save and Close.

Click Customize List in the Actions section on the left nav of the Manage
Sites page. From here you can manage the Sites list. This works just like it
does on any other list. Specifically, you can Add a new column or alter any
of the existing columns including the Division and Region choice columns.

Note, by default, this is only at the site collection level. But nothing
prevents you from manually entering list items  into this list for child
sites (sub-sites) and characterizing them too. Perhaps you would add a
column that identifies whether a site is a top  level site or a child site.

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