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manipulating next numbers list ID in 2003

  Asked By: Felicia    Date: Mar 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2279

I have created a sharepoint list in 2003 for bug tracking. I needed to
migrate over a list of 'open items' from the old system, that are
numbered (lets say) 555,556,557. And I want the list to pick up
numbering from there. So the next time I create a new item, it will
pick up after 557 (I realize that the numbering system is not always
chronologic based on the design). It could be 558 or 575 - whatever
next number is available.

I've played with basically every work around so far and I cant find
anything that will work. I've tried to create a new field where I
increment the "ID" + 1 - the problem with that is that Sharepoint does
not 'assign' an ID until after that calcuation has run - so for every
new list Item, I get "1".

Has anyone out there seen any workarounds for 2003 regarding custom
incrementing a next numbers list?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Trevor Davis     Answered On: Mar 15

There is a in built field in Sharepoint lists which stores sequential
numbers called ID. It is auto generated and controlled by the system. If we
delete any items in a list, that ID will be missing from the list. It is not
displayed by default in any views but you can make it visible by editing a
view and adding the ID field.

I'd faced a similar issue when importing an excel sheet which had sequential
numbering and sorted the issue by first sorting the excel sheet as per the
desired sequence and then importing it into sharepoint list. When we add any
new records in the list, it continues the sequence from there. It worked
perfectly fine for me. You can do it even if your sequencing doesn't start
from 1 (since the ID field takes the default from 1). First create blank
rows in the excel sheet (or any other database you use) till you reach the
desired sequence. Then import the same to the sharepoint list  and delete the
blank rows. In this case your ID number starts from the left out records.

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