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Managing SP Permissions Through AD

  Asked By: Travon    Date: Jun 08    Category: MOSS    Views: 802

Although you have to uninstall Sharepoint 2007 B2TR it is still kind of upgrade. Whenever you run the install for the RTM after you uninstall the beta version it clearly says "upgrading". Whenever you do the upgrade make sure you do a complete backup of your databases and server in case something goes wrong. You want to follow this article technet2.microsoft.com/.../...10bb80449881033.mspx

I use AD for as much of the security model as possible, however in the new version we will be blending in forms authentication for external users. I wanted to make sure I made it point to mention something. If you are not already doing so, whenever you create a new site you do not want to add ANY users directly to the sharepoint site like we did when I was there. You want to create an AD group for that site and add users to the ad group. Then add the ad group to site. This will make managing permissions 100000000 times easier. Because if someone leaves the company whenever you disable their AD account it removes them from all sharepoint sites with orphaning data on the sites themselves. If they are in AD groups you can look at member of and it will tell you what groups they are in. You can then remove them accordingly and then add them to the new sites. This makes the management of permissions a help desk manageable task. You can have the developers create the initial groups and all users to them accordingly and then have the content managers request any new additions after deployment. This streamlines permissions issues in SP.

Check out this article. I am starting a blog that will have many white papers on stuff like this soon. I just have so much going on have not been able to make my first post.



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