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  Asked By: Aditiya    Date: Jan 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 804

"Coordinators on the Portal Content folder can configure and manage
the dashboard site and can see the Management dashboard and the
Content, Layout, and Settings pages."
That is what I read in the Help-pages.
Although the security settings are : everyone = reader and me =
coordinator for the Portal Content, ALL users can see the Management-
dashboard all of a sudden !
I don't know how I can undo this.
Is it possible this came with the subscription I took on a certain
folder, and where I putted the global email-address (so that everyone
gets an email) ?



9 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Aayush Koli     Answered On: Jan 10

by-default, readers, will not be able to view management  link/dashboard. please
check whether "Everyone" group is been given admin rights, at the user
management level(or active directory).

Answer #2    Answered By: Bradford Norman     Answered On: Jan 10

The "everyone" group has never had coordinator-rights, nor admin-reights. I
suppose the everyone group is created or comes with the NT-userlist ? I
never had to bother with the userlist, system-group NT does that. But when I
ask the question if "everyones" rights has changed, they tell me it did not.

Answer #3    Answered By: Chandrabhan Baroova     Answered On: Jan 10

For this to cause a change in SPS, you would
need to have assigned the Everyone group to either a local admin on the
sps box or to the coordinator role in sps. By default, Everyone is
assigned the reader  role.

Here is another possibility: Your pages  are cached and who ever was last
to set the cache was in the coordinator role. The next person that gets
the cached copy will see the links (since the coordinator had rights to
this) but the link will not work as the user does not have security  to
see the pages. It might be possible that someone has changed the cache
settings for the dashboard  or you have been lucky up till now that the
user to set the cache was not in the coordinator role.

Answer #4    Answered By: Stacey Wilder     Answered On: Jan 10

it was me who set the cache and I'm a coordinator. How can I undo
this ? Is it enough that a user with reader-rights sets the cache ?

Answer #5    Answered By: Francis Vargas     Answered On: Jan 10

Only if you can count on a user setting the cache which obviously didn't
work this time... For what its worth, there appears to be no security
violation for you, but if you had other web parts that were only visible
to coordinators  it might be. It just happens that I am looking into how
sps uses caching so I am not yet sure the best way to avoid this. Do you
know if you changed any of the caching options recently?

Answer #6    Answered By: Tori Oconnor     Answered On: Jan 10

No, I didn't change the caching options. And there were no webparts only
visible to coordinators. So there is no problem. I'm only worried because
some users  can now go and delete subscriptions for every user.

Answer #7    Answered By: Kristan Benjamin     Answered On: Jan 10

That's interesting that a non-coordinator can manage subscriptions. Are
you running SP1 for SPS? Look at newportalperf.doc if you are. It talks
about dashboard  caching. You might find some tips in there for now.

Answer #8    Answered By: Vivian Mcguire     Answered On: Jan 10

OK, I'll give it a search and let you know tomorrow.
I don't know where you're posting from, but in my country it's time to go

Answer #9    Answered By: Augustine Snider     Answered On: Jan 10

It looks like a certain number of users  can see the dashboard  Management.
Not everyone. I guess it has to do with the "privileges" on NT-level. Those
who can see Management-dashboard, have admin-privileges on their machine.
But those people can't really do something with the dashboard : they cannot
see the subscriptions anyone else made.
So it's just a little problem and I don't longer worry about.

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