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Managed paths

  Asked By: Gurupreet    Date: Sep 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1635

I have a top level topic list on my top nav bar which goes to

From here I have lots of sub areas which follow the paths
portalname/dept1/default.aspx, portalname/dept2/default.aspx,
portalname/dept3/default.aspx. But after the first three listings,
the areas created start to follow a different path structure:


and sub areas from these areas continue this structure and not
portalname/C0/dept1/sub1/default.aspx as expected.

What I want is a simple file path

where am I going wrong?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sarita Patel     Answered On: Sep 07

SharePoint Portal Server has its own algorithm for selecting these paths. Do
not expect them the url paths  to match the logical site hierarchy.

Answer #2    Answered By: Elias Cannon     Answered On: Sep 07

The reason behind the "weird" URL names is twofold. First as portal
areas can be moved around your topology you cannot assume that the URL
represents the physical location of an item. I know this is difficult
for end users to grasp since they assume that there will be some
correlation. Obviously once the URL is generated it cannot change
regardless of where the are physically resides else links would break.

That said then Microsoft had to come up with a way to generate unique
URLs. All that you can control is the right hand most part of the URL
and the rest is done automatically. A portal site is a single site
collection and each portal area is a subsite within that collection.
Microsoft wanted to keep the number of subsites at any one URL level  to
a controlled number (20) and therefore what they do is the following:-

1) The first 20 areas  have a straightforward URL with no /Cn/ in them
2) At the creation of the 21st area a new subsite is created  called /C0/
and the 21st area becomes a subsite of this subsite.
3) 22nd => /C1/<area>
4) 40th => /C19/<area>
5) 41st => /C0/<area>
6) 42nd => /C1/<area>


I'm assuming that once you get to more than 20*20 areas you then go to
the next level i.e. /C0/D0/<area> or some such thing.

One thing to note is that when you create an area the URL it gets is
that of the first empty "slot" in the 20*20 grid of URLs. Therefore if
you have, say, 30 areas and delete the second one that was created the
next created area will NOT have a /Cn/ in its URL.

Answer #3    Answered By: Kartik Athani     Answered On: Sep 07

There is (of course...) a way to gently massage the urls into what you want. If
you look in the _site database, have a look at the docs table. This stores the
url/file name to all of the pages/documents/etc that Sharepoint knows about. The
dirname field stores the path, leafname is the filename.

In warning though, back up your db before messing around there and remember
you'll certainly be unsupported by this point...

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