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Manage Users

  Asked By: Jill    Date: Mar 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 979

Can you copy users from one site to another? Also Can you add a distribution list to the Manage users?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Chantal Rosa     Answered On: Mar 25

See my inline comments...

Can you copy users  from one site  to another?
[Reply] Only via the API.

Also Can you add  a distribution  list to the manage  users?
[Reply] In WSS v3 a DL for each list  is a built-in capability. Not only
that but when you mail that DL your email is supposed to be included as
a list item (cool but I haven't had an opportunity to try it - no mail
server on my VPC). However, in WSS v2 you have to use SharePoint
Cross-Site Groups (stored at the Site Collection level) to manage groups
of users via the SharePoint Web interface and I'm not sure that you can
email that group. Alas, I think that you will need to resort to AD
groups to manage your DLs.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kyla Eckert     Answered On: Mar 25

Can you be more specific about copying users  from one site  to another.

About using AD groups instead of Distribution list. What happens if the AD groups is updated. Does this reflect changes in SharePoint.

Answer #3    Answered By: Alisha Holmes     Answered On: Mar 25

It is possible to write a custom program that iterates the collection of people
and AD groups that have either a named permission or a bitmap permission mask
associated with a specific list. Those people and permissions can then be set on
another list. The code would take a day or two to get right but I'm certain that
it can be done. If you must do it on an SPS 2003 portal, count on writing two
different sets of code. SPS 2003 is very different.

In fact, we do that very thing in DeliverPoint
(www.BarracudaTools.com/Products/DeliverPoint) when the Clone User
Permissions option is selected. However, we do this at an enterprise levels like
Farm, Virtual Server, Managed Path, Site Collection, etc. rather than the list

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