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Manage search schedules query

  Asked By: Keaton    Date: Aug 15    Category: MOSS    Views: 6134

I am setting up search schedules for 18 content indexes, 8 of the indexes
require a full update type, they contains documents in regions of around
2000 to 100, how long should i give each index for a full search? any other
practical info on serach schedules would be really helpful.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Anibal Baird     Answered On: Aug 15

Normally depending on the size of the data you are indexing and what
the requirement is for up-to-minute search  results you can get away with
dedicated full  updates every day or so and incremental every hours or. For
one of my customers they had 2.5 TB of data, so doing full updates each day
was a big no. In this case we had a full update  at the weekend and
incremental twice a day. It is really up to you though and your requirements
for up to date searching. Hope this helps in some way.

Answer #2    Answered By: Karla Morrison     Answered On: Aug 15

I have another question regarding the full  and
incremental updates, my incremental update  seems to remove the links to
documents on my website the the full update has established.

I have no idea why this is happening, can you give any advice?

Answer #3    Answered By: Patricia Richardson     Answered On: Aug 15

The incremental should only be cleaning up link for documents  that are no
longer there.

In fact, an incremental and full  crawl work the same as far as what gets
added vs removed.

An incremental, will only "Pull down" and wordbreak resources that have
changed since the last full crawl

By "links to documents on my website" you mean the search  results correct?

Are you querying using the same account each time? Search security trims
the results, so I want to make sure it's not someone else doing the query
and discovering that links are gone, when in fact they are there.just
security trimmed out for that user.

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