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Making a Sharepoint 2007 site available to Macintosh clients

  Asked By: Joseph    Date: Jun 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 1798

I have a test server up and all my PC clients can reach it fine. My Mac
clients cannot. Everyone

is on the same subnet here. I can ping the server by name, by FQDN, and by

from The Mac but not via HTTP. The error is 'server not found', but they can
successfully connect to other sharepoint sites such as


This is a correctly configured sharepoint site. So I am pretty sure it's my
configuration that is at fault. I know there are caveats to what Sharepoint
will support with the mac and various browsers, but I don't think I am
running into those yet.

I have tried various authentication schemes, and I have anonymous access

activated, and added to the guests group and even gave it 'everyone'

permissions - thinking maybe it was an authentication problem.

My goal is to have a public facing site that supports Mac and PC that also

has links to secured portions or sites. I want no login required coming to

the site, just when you try to access secured areas.

Any Free clues?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rosanna Parrish     Answered On: Jun 22

One more thing,

http://portal and https://portal need to be 2 different Alternate Access
Mappings. If any part of the URL is different, including the scheme in
this example, it requires an additional AAM.