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Maintaining access to SharePoint sites after a user is migrated from

  Asked By: Jody    Date: Jan 02    Category: MOSS    Views: 1198

We are currently going through a forest migration due to a business
consolidation/buy-out. We've got a trust established between the two
forests and we are using ADMT to migrate users with SID history.

The problem we are seeing is that once a user has been migrated to the
new forest, they are unable to access any sites in the old forest. This
appears to be down to the way that SharePoint records user access lists.

I had hoped that a tool in the SharePoint Utility Suite would help as it
allows you to work through the access rights, fixing them up, but the
suite is dead and gone.

Has anyone else gone through a forest migration and found a solution to
this problem?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Elisa Santos     Answered On: Jan 02

Check out DeliverPoint 2007 from Barracuda. It provides a lot of the
management utilities required for centralized management of SharePoint
that Microsoft left out. I don't remember off hand whether this is in
the current product or in the current Beta, but I know it's a scenario
that we discussed. Check it out.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tatiana Houston     Answered On: Jan 02

I'm up against some tight deadlines here so I'd need to know for certain
whether or not DeliverPoint supports this operation.

It looks as if stsadm can now handle this on a per-user basis (KB
896593), although I'm confused about when I'd need to follow the
instructions in KB 896161 ...

Answer #3    Answered By: Arlene Hodge     Answered On: Jan 02

I checked and I'm afraid that is only a feature in the BETA of
DeliverPoint being tested for release soon. I'm pretty sure the Beta is
full, but you might want to try contacting Barracuda just to be sure.
Otherwise you may have to find a way to script it in batches with

Answer #4    Answered By: Jolene Sandoval     Answered On: Jan 02

What version of SharePoint are you running? KB896161 is for SPS2003.
DeliverPoint runs on WSSv3/MOSS 2007.